Jægersborggade 39,
2200 København N


Opening hours
Mon Closed
Tue-Thu 12 pm - 5 pm
Fri 12 pm - 8 pm
Sat-Sun 12 pm - 5 pm

The Plant Sausage

PLANTEPØLSEN means "plant sausage" in Danish and is a unique vegan fastfood experience in the heart of Nørrebro in Copenhagen with a kids-friendly menu & gourmet hotdogs for mom and dad.

Our Mission 

We use the hotdog as a kind of Trojan horse to introduce plant-based foods to a broader audience. Many people think plant-based food is boring, difficult and that it won’t provide them with enough protein. We are are here to prove them wrong by serving outstanding hotdogs and sausages that make it impossible to resist the plant-based option. 

Our Hotdogs

Plantepølsen serves vegan gourmet hotdogs that are inspired by the tastes of the region and of the world. Our tasty sausages are based on plant proteins and healthy fibres and topping can include homemade relishes, slaws, kimchi and pickles combined with our own hot, sweet and savoury sauces.


Space travel is awesome and humankind has benefitted from NASA’s research in more ways than we know. But why focus on space when we have a planet to save? One of the biggest threats to the environment is the meat industry (and Trump) and we have to reduce our consumption radically, preferably yesterday. If we don’t, we’ll soon all be floating in space. And not in a cool way.

To save the world, we need to inspire more people to eat plant-based and planet-friendly, making PLANTEPØLSEN the NASA of the twenty-first century